I-20 Mississippi

Crash on I-55 at US 98 East EX 15A in Pike County has ALL northbound lanes BLOCKED. Map Impact: https://t.co/ielu9jRCNS #MShwys

Proud of Mississippi DOT crews who worked through the night/early morning clearing snow & ice from roads/bridges. Snow covered the roadways in some areas, but crews have cleared the lanes of most of the frozen precipitation. As a result, Mississippi DOT roads/bridges are open & traffic is moving.

There are now reports of ice on roads and bridges in 17 Mississippi counties.

Rising temperatures, sunshine and our Mississippi DOT crews are clearing roads, but patches of ice may still be present, especially in shady areas under bridges or trees.

As crews continue to clear roads of snow and ice and temps begin rising, check the Mississippi DOT traffic app and https://t.co/YpM4Q4YH51 for road conditions in your area.

Continue to stay off icy roads and bridges while our crews work. #MShwys #mswx

Crews are plowing highways, including here on Hwy 72 and Hwy 302 in Marshall County, to remove snow and ice.

Crews are focusing on interstates and four-lane routes followed by two-lane routes. Please stay off the roads and let our crews work. #WorkingForYou

Remember to use extra caution on bridges and overpasses as ice and snow could cause issues.

Mississippi DOT crews are continuing to monitor #MShwys and spreading salt and slag in problem areas. Please give yourself plenty of time to get where you need to go.

Mississippi DOT crews are out clearing #MShwys of snow and ice. This snowplow is working on Hwy 302 in Marshall County.

Please continue to stay off roads affected by winter weather for your safety and so our crews can safely work. #mswx #WeDontTakeSnowDays

Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow! As you travel this morning, please remember that bridges and overpasses are subject to be slippery.

Mississippi DOT crews are working to treat #MShwys in north & central Mississippi where ice is being reported. The public is encouraged to limit travel only in case of emergency in the areas.

Find a full list of counties impacted by #winterweather here: https://t.co/YpM4Q4YH51 #mswx

⚠️ ICY ROADS: Madison, Rankin, Leake, Attala, Holmes, & Yazoo counties are reporting snow on highway bridges & some surface streets. (This is I-55 in Canton) Heavy #snow bursts are allowing for 1-2" accumulations. Stay off the roads!! MississippiDOT NWSJacksonMS WJTV #MSwx