I-20 Mississippi

Crash on I-10 past US 49 North / Hattiesburg EX 34B in #HarrisonCounty has the westbound right lane blocked. Map it >> https://t.co/ga0aHrvs1C #MShwys

Crash on I-20 past Ellis Ave South EX 42A in #HindsCounty has the two eastbound right lanes blocked. Map it >> https://t.co/NwdB1gjU1b #MShwys

#DYK that 94 percent of crashes are caused by human error? Stay safe on the road over #MemorialDayWeekend with safe-driving tips from Mississippi DOT Public Affairs Deputy Director Jas North Smith.

Friends and loved ones need to hold each other accountable over #MemorialDayWeekend. Never let someone you care about drive impaired. If you see someone trying to drive after drinking, take away their keys and help them find a sober ride home.

Crash on I-55 before MS 302 / Goodman Rd EX 289 in #DeSotoCounty is causing northbound delays. Map it >> https://t.co/syfDS0qgH1 #MShwys

#MemorialDayWeekend #drivesmartms

Mississippi DOT is finishing up a project to install new flashing yellow arrow traffic signals to intersections along Hwy 49 in Hattiesburg_MS. The new signals are more efficient for motorists turning left and have demonstrated a reduction in crashes. More: https://t.co/vVUah07qsV #MShwys

TRAFFIC ADVISORY: State Route 182 in #LowndesCounty set to CLOSE on May 28 for bridge project. Details: https://t.co/OJYVsPLLY0 #MShwys

Crash on I-10 eastbound past Franklin Creek Rd EX 75 in #JacksonCounty has the left lane BLOCKED. Map impact >> https://t.co/LY25jZlQt9 #MShwys

RELEASE: Beginning Saturday, May 25, and ending Tuesday, May 28, Mississippi DOT will not issue any permits for oversize and overweight vehicles on all state and federal highways for #MemorialDayWeekend. More info: https://t.co/lg1bMq3JIx #MShwys