I-95 Maine

Speeds are raised to normal posted limits from Kittery to Augusta. https://t.co/jOczh11zIK

UPDATE: no oversize loads are allowed during speed reductions https://t.co/jOczh0JYka

UPDATE: Speed limit between New Hampshire line (Mile 0) and the North... https://t.co/jOczh11zIK

Speed limit between New Hampshire line (Mile 0) and Exit 53 in Fa... https://t.co/jOczh11zIK

I-95 Exit 1 Northbound ramp closure in Kittery delayed due to storm https://t.co/AIWOQ9SYY6

Crash at 21 southbound/Wells is clear. https://t.co/eZbccjvXim

Crash at mile 21 southbound. Use caution in the area. https://t.co/eZbccjvXim

There is a lot going on at the southern end of the turnpike, read more here. https://t.co/rcVPzw4dq6

CANCELLED: Crash at mile 21 Northbound in Wells is clear. https://t.co/AsA8F26Ezr