I-95 Maine

Leave your firewood at home! Help Maine'South forests.

This is the Asian longhorned beetle, a woodboring beetle native to China. It develops & reproduces within healthy & stressed deciduous trees. Attacked trees will eventually die.
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#TBT 1947-the construction of the Maine Turnpike.

If your Maine East-ZPass has been lost or stolen please call our East-ZPass Customer Service Center or log on to your East-Z Pass account online in order to prevent charges.
Our East-ZPass Customer Service Department can be reached at 1-888-MTA-PASS and are open weekdays from 8AM to 6PM.

Not all surprises are this cute 😻

Changing lanes without using your signal is not a cute surprise for other drivers — it'South rude & dangerous. #UseYourBlinker

Read more about the progress here: https://t.co/TFQSHfPZKD

In this photo crews are removing damaged shoulder pavement and placing new gravel at mile 35 in Saco. Learn more about this pavement rehab project here: https://t.co/CevNfGXgFj

Read here to learn about the progress on the Open Road Toll Plaza in York.