I-95 Maine

Shaw Brothers is back to work on the Portland Area Widening. In this photo they are installing an overhead sign structure foundation. More info on this project can be found here: https://t.co/StJXbcgU0R

Spring arrives at 5:24 PM today.

This week’s construction and maintenance activities on the Pike can be found here: https://t.co/VRMlgNnhv3

A 6 car pile up occurred at mm 113 NB in Augusta. No serious injuries. Traffic is backed up. The crash happened after a driver of one of the vehicles used a crossover to turn around on the Interstate. Troopers remind drivers using a crossover is illegal and highly dangerous.

#TBT Exit 75 in Auburn is the Exit formerly known as Exit 12 in 1959

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At the request of the Maine State Police, speed limits on the Maine Turnpike from New Hampshire line to the end of the Maine Turnpike at Mile 109 have been reduced to 45 MPH due to snow. Please travel with caution and adjust your speed for conditions. No over limits permitted.

Maine E-ZPASS customers get discounts for travel on the Pike-
Frequent users can get a discount of up to 40%
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If you have ever wondered what the inside a toll booth looked like when the Pike opened, wonder no more! Here’s a photo of the interior of a toll booth in 1948.