I-95 Maine

CANCELLED: Disabled vehicle at 61 Southbound has been moved to the shoulder. https://t.co/0cG7aYRR7e

Disabled vehicle at 61 Southbound in Gray. Left lane blocked. https://t.co/0cG7aYRR7e

Remember there may be local Memorial Day activities that could impact your travel this weekend. We know there is one near exit 63 in Gray at 11am on May 28th. Travel safely!

Miles the Moose made the Guide to Road Trip Games again this year! Drive safely this weekend!

It happens every Memorial Day weekend, traffic gets heavy. Please drive safely. https://t.co/VjQZNu1LFG

Public Meeting scheduled regarding growing congestion in the Portland area https://t.co/ZxBizNT8UX

Expect traffic and games this weekend!! MainePublic https://t.co/mgE7dU14uS

#Tbt Kennebunk Service Plaza, make sure your car is ready for your road trip on the MTA this weekend!

ATTENTION: Due to a water main break at Kennebunk Southbound Service Plaza the building is currently closed. NO food or bathrooms available. FUEL ONLY right now.

We hope that by 10 PM all services will be operational again. We apologize for the inconvenience!