I-95 Maine

I-295 Alert - Portland delays Southbound are clear, Northbound delays continues https://t.co/Q2pOOKbNX9

Heavy traffic between Exit 45 and exit 52 Northbound in the Portland area https://t.co/8m3Wa795PI

I-295 Alert - Expect delays Northbound/Southbound in the Portland area. https://t.co/Q2pOOKbNX9

I-295 Northbound in Richmond mile 47 be advised of slow traffic, use caution https://t.co/grnqcV87rV

CANCELLED:Disabled tracker trailer unit at York Toll Southbound, use caution https://t.co/TiEyfboaXU

Disabled tracker trailer at the York Toll Southbound blocking lanes. https://t.co/TiEyfboaXU

Emergency Vehicle Ramps are being built in Falmouth, learn more here: https://t.co/2Lt3m4D2EI

Operating 24 hours a day, 365 days a year the MTA Communications Center keeps things safe and moving on the turnpike, here'South a peek inside.

Delays 36 southbound in Saco are clear. https://t.co/pfO3Dkc6b2

CANCELLED: I-295 alert Southbound slow traffic in Portland at mile 7. https://t.co/kR5TTbXlmA