I-95 Maine

CANCELLED: Delays southbound in Saco are clear. https://t.co/2xA1kXwBYi

Delays in the Saco area southbound due to high volume. https://t.co/2xA1kXwBYi

CANCELLED: The gas pumps are working again at Kenn Southbound Plaza. https://t.co/tO8bKy7t5x

Look 👀for new pavement on Balckstrap Rd in Cumberland this week.

There is currently no fuel available at the Kennebunk Southbound plaza. https://t.co/tO8bKy7t5x

Crash at Mi 104 Northbound has cleared

Crash at mile 104 Northbound/ West Gard. The left lane is blocked. https://t.co/hsBOyNRz6y


FYI - Starting at 10:00 PM tonight and tomorrow night on Turnpike mainline in Gray at Mile 60.

CANCELLED: Heavy traffic southbound in York & Kittery is clear. https://t.co/wjsqik9cS7