I-75 Michigan

Reminder! Details about work through September. https://t.co/zBbWEOdiCD https://t.co/zBbWEOdiCD

Mississippi DOT lifts traffic restrictions for Fourth of July travel https://t.co/E7Wz1sVG4R

Michigan DOT lifts traffic restrictions to ease #FourthofJuly travel https://t.co/f7X7Qz0VeJ

Important to know the height of the load you are hauling. https://t.co/WJDwVtXtXP

Remember, road workers don't work in an air-conditioned office; their office is outside where temps are in the 90s and heat coming off equipment & hot materials make it that much hotter, not to mention all the safety gear they wear. #WorkZoneSafety isn't just about slowing down.

New Michigan DOT photo album: #ITSDetroit2018 https://t.co/qp8g5wtLRu #michiganisauto

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Please drive safely in work zones! https://t.co/EHyQDBZ1Av

Most lane restrictions related to road work will be lifted this weekend. Please drive safely! https://t.co/whdia3kWiq

This #MemorialDay weekend, Michigan DOT is removing lane restrictions on almost 73 percent of its road and bridge projects statewide to ease traffic delays for holiday travelers. However, there will still be 33 projects with lane restrictions in place.