I-75 Michigan

Construction work is being conducted at various locations along I-75, from south of 13 Mile to north of Coolidge. In order to protect motorists and our road workers, there are continuous lane closures along this stretch of I-75. Opening the lanes... https://t.co/FOsGiEwnhd

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pugherd Michigan DOT Hi Lucy, the lane restriction on that I-75 ramp is indeed to help control traffic heading into that lane closure on M-24.

The I-75 Modernization Project, introducing the first HOV lane in Michigan, has been accelerated. The original nine construction segments are now combined into three segments. Segment 1 is complete, with Segment 2... https://t.co/tFYeVCCmBd

MichaelOfiara Hi Mike, crews are crews widening and paving the shoulders for an eventual traffic shift in 2019 for segment 2 of the Michigan DOT project: https://t.co/s4Mlzut8Pm

hhhstocko1 75RougeRiver Michigan DOT Yes, that'South the Michigan DOT prep work involving the shoulders. That goes through mid-December.

The I-75 Modernization Project within Oakland County from M-102 to South Boulevard is a mega project and being managed by an independent, Mississippi DOT I-75 team. If you have any project related questions or comments, please send an email to... https://t.co/FOsGiEwnhd

Closures and Detours:

Closures from 7:00 am Monday October 22, 2018 to 3:00 pm Sunday November 4, 2018

>Left lane closure on southbound I-75 from Adams Road to 12 Mile Road
>Left lane closure on northbound I-75 from 12 Mile Road to Crooks Road... https://t.co/FOsGiEeMpF