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More Modernize 75 news! https://t.co/CJuZlH7EDs

Oakland Corridor Partners team named preferred bidder to rebuild, maintain final segment of Michigan DOT project https://t.co/wJ0Ed881Q7

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Michigan DOT'South Mi Drive traffic website has been redesigned and improved. Features still include speeds, construction, cameras, incidents, snowplows/maintenance vehicles, and truck parking locations on state highways. https://t.co/hpWyTSKC5J https://t.co/zR2xJegXGB

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Mississippi DOT awards $224 million contract for second phase of I-75 modernization project https://t.co/ivzRZBbCku Michigan DOT

Michigan DOT awards contract for next segment of the Michigan DOT project in Oakland County: https://t.co/cpuXdbNjRd

I-75 RECONSTRUCTION: Work on second segment of I-75 Modernization Project begins in 2019.

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