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OK, let'South try this again: Contractors are placing a box truss at the interchange of I-469/US 24 as past of the interchange improvement project. Be on the lookout for rolling slow downs between the hours of 10pm and midnight TONIGHT. #NextLevelRoads

Light snow and patchy areas of freezing drizzle remain possible this morning, mainly across northern Indiana. Most of the light precipitation will end by midday. We’ve had #YellowTrucks out on the road, since at least 4:30 am this morning.

90 #YellowTrucks have been out for a while. Conditions are slushy now, but trucks will be out until at least midnight to make sure we address any slick spots. Please be sure you give our drivers plenty of room to work while they’re out there working for you!

We’ve got some #YellowTrucks out patrolling and checking for slick spots this morning. Be sure to watch for icy patches — they form on bridges, overpassed, underpasses and ramps first. #INDOTWinterOps

A sneak peek at what our Supervisors are looking at all day, every day during the winter: one of our weather monitoring systems. We can see air temperatures, roadway temperatures, conditions and images from specific segments of roadway and a LOT more that isn't on this snapshot.

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INDOT’South February podcast will focus on our legislative initiatives. Let us know if you have questions about the topics below… your question could be featured!
-Road Funding
-Distracted Driving
-Work Zone Safety
-How INDOT Works with Communities

SLICK SPOTS - We're getting reports of some slick spots, particularly in the northern part of the district where rain combined with low temperatures is creating issues. #YellowTrucks are treating the trouble spots, but take it slow out there, especially around bridges, ramps, etc

CRASH - I-65 in Lake County; All southbound lanes of I-65 are closed due to a crash at mile marker 260, north of I-94. Avoid the area.

#INDOTWinterOps - Because it apparently only snows on weekends, snow is falling in the district. Read more about what lies ahead here: https://t.co/hMtSbv3per


COMPLETE I-65 mile marker 110.5 Northbound at I-70 South Split All lanes slow <= 45 mins due to crash clean up

COMPLETE I-65 mile marker 45.0 Southbound near SR 250/ mile 45 Right lane closed 3 hours due to maintenance work

COMPLETE I-65 mile marker 111.7 Northbound at I-70 North Split Right lane closed <= 45 mins due to a crash

I-65 mile marker 110.5 Northbound at I-70 South Split All lanes slow <= 45 mins due to crash clean up

I-65 mile marker 110.4 Northbound at I-70 South Split Center 2 lanes closed <= 45 mins due to a crash