I-80 Indiana

Indiana Northeast

Here'South a nice shot of riprap inspection, that rocky area that you see next to the bridge, happening at the Walnut Creek Bridge on Southbound I-69 in Grant Co. Several projects are wrapping up across the state and you can see where by visiting https://t.co/FhOE0gV53n.
📷: Michael Hoover

You'll want to make sure you take any and all steps you can to protect your mailbox before any kind of major snow event that our #YellowTrucks have to take care of. Read more here: https://t.co/KOVDSMvgRf

During winter operations it takes our #YellowTrucks 2 to 3 hour to return to the start of their routes. Please keep that in mind when the snow and ice falls and know that our crews are working as hard as they can to make sure roads are safe for travel.

A little weather system is moving in so more than a dozen of our #YellowTrucks will be out patrolling and treating any slick spots, mainly in the northern part of the district. Please drive carefully and give our crews space to work.

I spy with my little eye...one of our #YellowTrucks out on I-69 with a Truck Mounted Attenuator. Even if there isn't snow, you might still see one of our trucks out while crews do some maintenance. Please move over and give them the work space they need!

Indiana Northwest

There is still time to apply for an INDOT Engineering Scholarship! The scholarships offer civil engineering students up to $3,125 per semester, and paid employment during summer breaks and upon graduation. Apply by Dec 31 at https://t.co/hZRJplRW1Z!

Our contractor rieth_riley won a NAPATweets Award for their work on our 2020 resurfacing project on U.South. 35 south of Winamac! Over 56,000 tons of HMA was placed on 15+ miles of U.South. 35 for this project, which was chosen for a Quality in Construction Award from NAPA.

Just a reminder that INDOT offices are closed today as part of the Thanksgiving holiday! 🦃🥧

Report road concerns through our 24/7 customer service portal at https://t.co/pYYc1VwfSF or by calling 855-463-6848.

Happy #Thanksgiving to all! This year, we’re thankful for the INDOT Hoosier Helpers sponsored by GEICO and for the assistance they provide to stranded motorists in their time of need. #GEICOSafetyPatrol #HoosierHelpers

INDOT offices are closed November 25 and 26 to celebrate Thanksgiving! We are thankful for everyone on the INDOT team and hope you all have a great holiday! 🦃🥧 Report road concerns through our 24/7 customer service portal at https://t.co/pYYc1VeF17 or by calling 855-463-6848.


I-70 Eastbound: Right lane from Meridian Line Rd (1m West of Cloverdale) to IN 39 (6m West of Plainfield) (mile marker 40 to mile marker 59, ). Until 12/2/2021 at 5:00PM EST. Slow moving maintenance vehicle. https://t.co/qLtMStVLTE

I-65 Northbound: Road maintenance operations at Exit 107 - Keystone Av (mile marker 107.2, Indianapolis). Until 12/2/2021 at 1:00PM EST. Right shoulder closed. https://t.co/3ouo2k71jf

I-70 Westbound: Road maintenance operations from Brick Church Rd to Dublin Pike (mile marker 134.6 to mile marker 134, 13m West of Richmond). Until 12/2/2021 at 12:00PM EST. Right lane closed. https://t.co/2jlLfPyQiT

I-70 Eastbound: Crash from IN 121 to US 40 (mile marker 155.8 to mile marker 156, 7m East of Richmond). For the next two hours. All lanes blocked. CRASH IN OHIO https://t.co/6wjNd8TGSg

I-65 Northbound: Crash at Whiteland Rd (mile marker 94.5, Whiteland). For the next hour. Ramp partially blocked. https://t.co/yGFRtiKspL