I-80 Nebraska

US 20 Eastbound/Westbound: Intermittent lane closure between Exit 149 - US 69 (near Blairsburg) and Exit 142 - I-35 (near Williams). Jefferson RCE (800-251-2705) - Hamilton County https://t.co/Q2vYoaFX6v

I-380 Southbound: Exit ramp closed at Exit 19B - 1st Avenue West (Cedar Rapids). Detour in operation. Cedar Rapids RCE (877-226-8110) - Linn County https://t.co/0ICrSzuncw

US 6 Eastbound/Westbound: Intermittent lane closure at I-380 (Tiffin). Johnson County https://t.co/h7mbEI2mVl

US 30 Eastbound: Exit ramp closed between IA 922; US 151 and I-380 (Cedar Rapids). Cedar Rapids RCE (877-226-8110) - Linn County **US 30 East Exit Ramp to 6th St** https://t.co/cydLIzw5Lt

US 30 Eastbound: Exit ramp closed at I-380 (Cedar Rapids). Cedar Rapids RCE (877-226-8110) - Linn County **Ramp from US 30 East to I-380 South https://t.co/DsDd9DYGwS

Merging onto a highway or interstate can be stressful, but teamwork from all parties can make it seamless. Keep yourself and your teammates safe by staying alert, using signals, and helping one another share the road. #FridaySafetyMessage

Blue skies, fluffy clouds, fresh air, and the chance to look after the people of your community -- how'South that for a job description? It'South something that David and other highway maintenance workers get to enjoy on a regular basis when they're keeping the roads safe for everybody.

Safety is our number one priority here at NDOT. Our mission to make Nebraska'South highways safer and more effective includes educating young drivers on the importance and responsibility of being a smart driver. (1/2)

Temporary road closure and detour on North-2 in Alliance begins June 1, until August 2020. Details: https://t.co/aZF6Eqk0X1

Heads up: traffic on US-77 from mile marker 51.6-56.0 will shift to the INSIDE lanes beginning May 28. Latest closures / detours on the website - https://t.co/wR2kulUslj #NoPhoneInTheConeZone