I-80 Nebraska

US 151 Northbound: Alternating lane closures from County Road X20 (near Springville) to Exit 49 - IA 1; County Road E34… https://t.co/CcPrYLWxWI

US 30: Alternating lane closures from County Road X40 (Mechanicsville) to IA 38 (Stanwood). Slow moving maintenance… https://t.co/iNl2fC2Uf9

US 61 Southbound: Right lane closed from US 61 Business; I-80 (Davenport) to County Road F33 (near Long Grove). Slow moving… https://t.co/xu0eXyF8yI

US 151 Northbound: Left lane closed from County Road D65 (near Monticello) to County Road D53 (near Cascade). Slow moving… https://t.co/AHDHCBtwmq

I-80 Westbound: Shoulder closed from Exit 230 - County Road W38 to Exit 237 - Ireland Avenue (near Oxford). https://t.co/fVhOJJv9S4

If it’South raining during your commute:

🌧 Ditch the cruise control
🌧 Turn your headlights on
🌧 #SlowDown
🌧 #BuckleUp

Please drive safely!

Do you know when to stop around school buses? 🛑

The school year has started, which means drivers should be on the lookout for more buses, pedestrians, and bicyclists on their routes. Take a moment to refresh your memory on when to stop for a school bus. #BackToSchool

A big part of what we do is promoting safety and driving awareness of our mission. Come visit West/ our D1 team at the LincolnMuseum Tractors, Trucks, Trains & Airplanes event. Here til 2!

With a new school year upon us, be on the look out for more traffic, pedestrians, bicyclists, and school buses. Drivers, remember to stop when you are driving near a school bus that is flashing yellow or red lights. #FridaySafetyMessage #BackToSchool 🚍🚨

Happy Friday & Good News for Lincoln Drivers - Hwy 77 bypass is open to 2 lanes! Thank you for your patience as NDOT performed maintenance work on the area. #neroads 🚧