I-80 Nebraska

I-80 Eastbound: Right shoulder closed from Exit 225 - US 151; County Road W21 (near Oxford) to Exit 237 - Ireland Avenue… https://t.co/jBQRPOyclO

US 65: Alternating lane closures from County Road B65 to County Road B55 (near Rockwell). https://t.co/CLKJnx3nU3

IA 922 Northbound: Left lane closed from I-380 to IA 100 (Cedar Rapids). https://t.co/3qdCAK7rN8

US 61: Roadway reduced to one lane from County Road F55 (Long Grove) to US 30 (De Witt). Width limit in effect. https://t.co/CAriBUbKTv

US 61 Southbound: Roadway reduced to two lanes from I-80; Business US 61 to County Road F55 (Davenport). https://t.co/sIdkst4wbR

#MoveOverSlowDown is the law in Nebraska. Let your family and friends know so they can save lives and avoid a ticket! #NationalMoveOverDay

This sign isn’t a joke. #MoveOverSlowDown helps protect police, fire, EMS and towing responders that put their lives on the line to keep you safe on the road. #NationalMoveOverDay

Tomorrow is National Move Over Day! If you see flashing lights, #MoveOverSlowDown


Be prepared with some flippin' sweet safety tips from Trooper Dynamite to have a #HappyHalloween!