I-80 Nebraska

I-380 Northbound: Roadway reopened to traffic from Exit 20A - 1st Street Northeast to Exit 20B - 7th Street Northeast (Cedar Rapids). https://t.co/b9mod8ste6

IA 100 Eastbound: Roadway reopened to traffic at Entrance ramp from Blairs Ferry Road; Blairs Ferry Road Northeast. https://t.co/hEaGNtxCVM

IA 100 Eastbound: Entrance ramp blocked due to a crash at Entrance ramp from Blairs Ferry Road; Blairs Ferry Road Northeast. https://t.co/hEaGNtg1xc

I-380 Southbound: Entrance ramp partially blocked due to a crash at Entrance ramp from IA 100; Collins Road Northeast. https://t.co/kW77emE09L

IA 76 Southbound: Roadway reopened to traffic from County Road X52 to US 18 (Marquette). https://t.co/Qik9HjNjIV

The first of two signs will be unveiled in celebration of designating U.South. Highway 22 (US-22) as the “Pawnee Scouts Memorial Highway” on June 12th, at 1:30PM!

To learn more about the event and/or the history regarding the Pawnee Scouts, visit: https://t.co/74f8T4kvkR

Driving fast, drunk, and stupid is also a quick way to end up at the morgue - whether yourself or an innocent victim.

Always remember that the choices you make have lifelong consequences.
#FridaySafetyMessage #BUPD

If you see a child alone in a vehicle, act fast. If the child is not responsive or in distress call 911 immediately, and then get the child out of the car and spray them with cool water. Get more info: https://t.co/XyRRJtQlCS #HeatstrokeKills

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Exciting milestones are in the works for the Murray-Plattsmouth project!

The expressway will stretch from US-34/US-75 between Murray and Plattsmouth. This project will reduce congestion, and improve the transportation system.

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