I-70 Colorado

I-70 Westbound: Crash at Exit 276B - CO 2; Colorado Boulevard (Denver). The right lane is blocked.

I-70 Eastbound: Road open at Exit 275B - CO 265; Brighton Boulevard (Denver).

I-70 Eastbound: Crash at Exit 275A - Washington Street (Denver). Blocking left lane.

I-70 Eastbound: Fire department activity at Exit 261 - US 6; 6th Ave (near Golden). Blocking the right lane.

I-70 Westbound: Road open at Exit 274 - I-25 (Denver). All lanes open.

I-70 Westbound: Heavy traffic between Exit 190 - Vail Pass Summit and Exit 198 - Officers Gulch (Vail Pass). Heavy trafffic due to road work. Eastbound delays clear.