I-80 Ohio

Ohio Turnpike (I-80)

Happy first day of spring! The sun is out, the birds are singing, and road trip season is officially here!
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***Fulton/Lucas County eastbound detour for pavement repair is no longer in effect.***

Eastbound traffic is no longer being diverted off the Ohio Turnpike at milepost 39.

TRAVEL ALERT: (1/2) At 11 PM tonight (3/17/23), the EB lanes of the #OHTPK will be closed from MP 39 to MP 52 (Fulton/Lucas Co) for emergency pavement repair.

Detour Route:
- Exit #OHTPK @ Toll Plaza 39 to SR109 S
- Turn Left onto SR2 E/US20 Alt E
- Enter #OHTPK Toll Plaza 52

Don't press your luck this St. Patrick's Day! Plan ahead for a sober ride home. #BuzzedDriving is Drunk Driving!

#OHTPK Alert Limited Services EB https://t.co/sbiw3oukc1

Akron Area

Construction season is under way! If you’re a college student & would like to join this terrific group of men & women, then apply online and join us for a summer internship!

SUMMIT COUNTY: Interstate 271 southbound between State Route 8 and SR 303 is closed due to a crash. Motorists are advised to avoid this area.

Yesterday TWO ODOT District 12 trucks were struck while on road. This was the 22nd & 23rd times a ODOT crew was struck this YEAR. Please share this message, tell a friend, or set the example when driving to Move Over Slow Down for any vehicle with flashing lights. #MoveOverMonday

20 crews remain out in Ashtabula County where snow continues to fall. This view is from our plow on U.S. 6 just west of Andover. If you are traveling this morning, please leave early to give yourself plenty of time to reach your destination #ODOTwinter