I-75 Kentucky

Wind, hail, & lightning can knock out power to traffic lights.
🚦 If the signal is out, treat the intersection as a 4-way stop.
🚦 Flashing yellow, proceed with caution through the intersection.
🚦 Flashing red, treat it as a stop sign.
#SevereWxPrep #kywx

The Jackson Kentucky Transportation Cabinet Driver Licensing Regional Office is temporarily CLOSED. Customers with appointments will be rescheduled. Please check https://t.co/s4bQu3y1qw or REAL ID KY social media for the latest updates.

A drone inspection was performed on the Capital Avenue Bridge before it was reopened to traffic. The initial inspection revealed no significant damage. A more in-depth inspection will be done once water levels return to normal.

The marina scraped both the Capital Avenue Bridge and the Singing Bridge as it passed. The Singing Bridge has been closed for repairs after being struck by a vehicle in late 2020. The bridge will be inspected to determine if it was further damaged by the marina this afternoon.

Here is a video of the Singing Bridge as the marina passed below it on the KY River. The following bridges in Frankfort reopened to traffic this afternoon:
•The Capital Avenue Bridge
•U.South. 127 Bridge (West Clinton Street)
•U.South. 127 Bridge (Mero Street)

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An average of 47 people in the U.South. die from lightning each year. 🌩️ If you hear thunder, you are close enough to be struck. Seek shelter immediately in a building or car. Wait 30 minutes after you hear the last thunder roll before returning outside. #SevereWxPrep #KYwx

Is your travel impacted by closed roads due to high water? Find out at https://t.co/xYuKciBt1S for up-to-date information for road closures, construction and other travel-related impacts. ⚠️ Don’t drive through flooded roads. Report them on waze. #turnarounddontdrown #KYwx

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