I-95 New Jersey

Mercer County

There are currently no traffic incidents reported along this route.

New Jersey Turnpike

Crash on New Jersey Turnpike/I-80 southbound South of I-80 Express & Local Lanes (Ridgefield Park) 1 Right lane of 3 lanes blocked

Crash and Vehicle off the roadway on New Jersey Turnpike westbound Entrance ramp From Jerse https://t.co/xUM2YTN0V8

Delays on New Jersey Turnpike - Eastern Spur northbound Southern Mixing Bowl (Newark) to No https://t.co/4cwwzLaEXG

Crash on New Jersey Turnpike Inner Roadway southbound North of Interchange 13A - Newark Lib https://t.co/Tctm0LCmtX

Delays on New Jersey Turnpike - Western Spur southbound North of Interchange 18W - I-80/US https://t.co/fMX0bbcq70