I-95 Delaware

NCCO: TRAFFIC ALERT - Overnight Paving on SB I-95 through Rt 896 to the Toll Plaza - Tonight, Monday, December 5th, 7:00 pm to 6:00 am https://t.co/Y3AD2fPA1n

Project No T201701901 - WILMINGTON TRANSIT CORRIDORS IMPROVE... https://t.co/YjrSIx6mOq

SCO: TRAFFIC ALERT - Road Closure of Wil King Road between Kendale Road and Conleys Chapel Road - Friday, December 9th through Monday, December 12th https://t.co/Y89HDNX2BX

Oh deer, it's that time of the year! Nearly half of deer-vehicle collisions occur October through December. Be careful, especially during the early AM and PM hours! Don't swerve; you are more likely to lose control of your vehicle, & if you spot one deer, there are usually more!

Drivers, the holidays bring out more pedestrians, with shoppers, vacationers, carolers and more. Watch out for them by slowing down and staying alert. Learn more about Delaware pedestrian crashes here: https://t.co/ax6fxAEDt2 #WalkSmart #ArriveAliveDE

#MessageBoardMondays: Slower Sleighs - Keep Right 🦌🛷🎅

⭐️ Keep traffic flow merry.
🚨 And remember: if you see emergency lights, move over. It's the law.

NCCO: TRAFFIC ALERT - Overnight Closure of NB I-95 Exit 6 for MKL Boulevard - Starting Wednesday, December 7th https://t.co/SlQzZcSpds

NCCO: TRAFFIC ALERT - Overnight Closure of SB I-95 in Wilmington - Monday night, December 5th. https://t.co/TwylhiMC7M

SCO: TRAFFIC ALERT - Road Closure of Townsends Road between Armory Road and Vines Creek Road - Monday, December 12th through Monday, January 2nd https://t.co/jIl46IDJAF

ALL: DMV Announces First-Time Trust Requests by Appointment Only https://t.co/AmV2TLEt7W