I-95 Delaware

SCO: TRAFFIC ALERT - Road Closure of Dukes Avenue between SR 54 (Lighthouse Road) and Harpoon Road / 146th St - Monday April 3rd and Tuesday April 4th. https://t.co/IItlLAD7V1

Project No T202080204 - ROBSCOTT MANOR STREAM RESTORATION (r... https://t.co/zhxvRRDgTv

#WednesdayWisdom: The DelDOT app provides up-to-the-minute, reliable traffic data that comes directly from DelDOT’s 24/7 TMC. The interactive travel map has so many layers to keep you in-the-know and prepared for your commute! Download the app today: https://t.co/rki4LrT0Ou 📱⭐️

NCCO: TRAFFIC ALERT - I-95 Northbound Onramp to Close This Weekend https://t.co/GuvnsmLHYz

SCO: TRAFFIC ALERT - Road Closure of Rementer Road between Old Furnace Road and Rum Ridge Road - Monday, March 27th through Friday, April 7th https://t.co/ZwfGbhs0nD

KCO: TRAFFIC ALERT - Road Closure: East Street at the Railroad Crossing between Clark Street and Fairground Rd - Monday, April 3rd through Friday, April 7th https://t.co/4OofU0EMml

SEVERE WEATHER WEEK: With winds up to 200 mph, tornadoes occur anytime. Seconds count: monitor forecasts and use a NOAA weather radio. Get alerts at https://t.co/PUZ9Nha4yC. A tornado warning means to get to a safe area immediately! https://t.co/8Db7O6iSuK https://t.co/br7QCUl03b

SCO: TRAFFIC ALERT - Closure of The Woodland Ferry - Wednesday, March 22nd. https://t.co/5OawFDgSBD

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SCO: TRAFFIC ALERT - Road Closure: Old Sailor Rd @ railroad crossing between Woodland Ferry Rd and Penn St - Monday, April 3rd through April 6th https://t.co/cmSlfyqyXA