I-26 South Carolina

Low Country Region

CLEARED: Construction; I-26 Westbound, between Exit194 & 1 mi West of Exit194.| 11:41P

Construction; I-26 Westbound: between Exit194 & 1 mi West of Exit194, lft ln clsd, Began: 8:40PM, Sch end: 4/1 6AM.| 8:44P

CLEARED: Collision; I-26 Eastbound, 1 mi West of Exit211.| 7:06P

Update: Collision; I-26 Eastbound: 1 mi West of Exit211, lft ln clsd, Ocrd: 6:54PM.| 6:59P

Piedmont Region

Rd Maintenance ops; I-26 Eastbound: between 1 mi West of Exit35 & Exit35, rht ln clsd, Began: 7:34AM, Sch end: 5PM.| 7:36A

CLEARED: Traf congestion; I-26 Eastbound, between Exit41 & Exit44.| 4:31A

Traf congestion; I-26 Eastbound: between Exit41 & Exit44, unknown lns clsd, From: 3:50AM.| 3:54A

Midlands Region

Construction; I-26 Eastbound: between Exit85 & 2 mi West of Exit91, lft ln clsd, Began: 9AM, Sch end: 1PM.| 9:01A

Construction; I-26 Westbound: between Exit101B & 2 mi West of Exit101A, rht ln clsd, Began: 7:30AM, Sch end: 12PM.| 7:31A

Update: Construction; I-26 Westbound: between 1 mi East of Exit66 & 2 mi West of Exit66, lft ln clsd, Began: 3:29AM, Sch end: 7PM.| 7:11A

Construction; I-26 Westbound: between Exit66 & 1 mi West of Exit66, lft ln clsd, Began: 3:29AM, Sch end: 8AM.| 3:34A