I-26 South Carolina

Low Country Region

There are currently no traffic incidents reported along this route.

Piedmont Region

Rd Maintenance ops; I-26 Westbound: between 1 mi West of I385-Clinton & 3 mi West of I385-Clinton, rht ln clsd, Began: 9:04AM.| 9:06A

CLEARED: Collision; I-26 Eastbound, at Exit22.| 8:16A

Collision; I-26 Eastbound: at Exit22, rht ln clsd, Ocrd: 7:59AM.| 8:01A

Rd Maintenance ops; I-26 Eastbound: between 1 mi East of Exit22 & Exit44, no lns clsd, Began: 7:25AM.| 7:26A

Midlands Region

CLEARED: Construction; I-26 Westbound, at Exit104.| 7:01A

CLEARED: Construction; I-26 Westbound, between Exit106 & Exit104.| 7:01A