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Social distancing means acting like you are infected with #COVID19.

Comedian, actor and former physician, kenjeong, wants all Californians to stay informed and stay socially distant.

▶️ https://t.co/snYe5v55Rw #StayHomeSaveLives

While you’re staying home on this rainy weekend, take time to fill out your Census forms. Counting every person is important. https://t.co/VcVuc5Jo2n

Our website has been updated with a standing note on #COVID19: https://t.co/8xWNorthboundiV6Oo

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Follow CAPublicHealth, Cal_OES and CAgovernor for trusted news and updates. Visit https://t.co/sjR0o4ZDiK for the resources you need during this time.

#StayHomeSaveLives #COVID19

Qué puedes hacer respecto al #COVID19:
Permanece en casa
Evita cualquier contacto fuera de casa
Lava tus manos con jabóNorth y agua
Cúbrete al toser/estornudar con un pañuelo
Lava/desinfecta los objetos/superficies que toques
MantéNorth 6 pies de distancia con los demáSouth al salir de casa https://t.co/GzuQ3XlyGs

Today, with extensive consultation and support of the Sacramento County Public Health we announced all 13 school districts, and SCOE, are extending the period of school closures through May 1, 2020.


Governor GavinNewsom today issued an executive order banning the enforcement of eviction orders for renters affected by #COVID19 through May 31, 2020. https://t.co/lSOyrrQuuF

Are you concerned about the #Coronavirus and need health coverage? You can enroll now in a health plan through #CoveredCA due to the #COVID19 crisis and may be eligible to receive financial help to help you pay for your coverage. Get started here: https://t.co/WtCU6YyLDW

"We gotta stay home. That'South all there is to it."

Listen to former NFL Tight End and Pro Football Hall of Fame inductee TonyGonzalez88. Stay home this weekend. #StayHomeSaveLives


Reminder: price gouging is ILLEGAL, and Californians are protected.

If you experience illegal price gouging on housing, gas, food, or other essentials, submit a complaint to the office of AGBecerra at https://t.co/hvLTeZ7z8o or call 📲 800-952-5225. #COVID19 #StayHomeSaveLives