I-80 California

District 3

Wearing a face covering correctly has the power to keep you and those around you healthy. #YourActionsSaveLives

Illegal parking around #LakeTahoe continues to be a major problem. NHPNorthernComm is holding another maximum parking enforcement weekend. CHPSouthLake has issued almost 300 tickets in August, so far, at #EmeraldBay. Be smart - park where allowed. https://t.co/zCOOsxkDCc

The City wants to know: how exactly is the coronavirus pandemic affecting its residents and businesses right now? Your responses to this survey will help City Council decide how to best spend coronavirus relief money moving forward. https://t.co/8WzvelqPyD

The City of Sacramento'South free Urban Bike and Scooting class is now virtual.

Join the City and learn the rules of the road for biking or scooting on Sacramento'South streets.

Register for upcoming virtual classes here: https://t.co/7clBY9xWLF

Let'South talk air flow in BART cars:

BART cars filter & replace inside air about every 70 seconds. This was the case before COVID-19 and is still now. Air is filtered more effectively than in an office or grocery store.

We've also begun new pilot tests for better filtration.

SacCounty is forecasted to have a stretch of triple-digit numbers starting Friday, Aug. 14 until Wednesday, Aug. 19. Cooling Centers will be opening during this time due to these higher than average temperatures.

For more information visit:

#TrafficAlert in #Sacramento County: 🚨The #1 (left) lane is CLOSED🚧 on southbound State Route 51 J Street due traffic collision. Expect delays. #KnowBeforeYouGo CHPNSac CHPSouthSac CHP_Valley TheCityofSac SacCountyCA

#TrafficAlert in #PlacerCounty: 🚨Semi-truck fire 🔥 BLOCKING🚧 the #2 lane on westbound Interstate 80 just east of Drum Forebay. Expect delays. #KnowBeforeYouGo PlacerCA

#TrafficAlert The Northbound I Street onramp to SAC I-5 is closed for a collision investigation. Please use a different route. NFI and No ETO. TheCityofSac SPDOutreach TeamSACPD CHPSouthSac CHP_Valley

***Traffic Alert***
SR-174 Dalmatian is seeing some construction. Do not overtake the pilot car. Be mindful of the workers in the area. The pilot car is there for your protection. Expect delays for the near future on SR-174. CaltransDist3 #trafficalert #chp NevadaCountyCA