I-20 South Carolina

CLEARED: Construction; I-20 Eastbound, at Exit141A.| 4:09A

Construction; I-20 Eastbound: at Exit141A, rht ln clsd, Began: 7:37PM, Sch end: 1/19 7AM.| 7:39P

Disabled veh; I-20 Westbound: 2 mi West of Exit80, lft ln clsd, Ocrd: 7:22AM.| 7:26A

CLEARED: Construction; I-20 Westbound, between Exit58 & 1 mi East of Exit55.| 10:56P

Construction; I-20 Westbound: between Exit58 & 1 mi East of Exit55, lft ln clsd, Began: 7PM, Sch end: 1/20 1AM.| 7:01P